What is cyobs

Cyobs is a high-precision cyber-radar system allowing cybersecurity professionals to effectively minimise their attack surface area.

Seamless coverage of the cyberspace

including dependencies and interfaces

Reliable, real-time diagnosis

including warnings and recommandations

Systematic analysis of cyber attacks

therefore providing a defence strategy

Fully automated scans

complemented by extremely precise measurements, tailored to meet each mission's specific needs

decision-making tool for security measures

and a measurement of success


Until recent times, human life had been existing within the realms of land, air, water and space. Defence focused on securing these areas.

Over the last 40 years, a new dimension has been permeating all others: cyber.

All elements are now highly affected by this new space. The cyberspace controls the survival of humanity as well as its critical infrastructures (transport, health, energy). Attacks directed towards the cyberspace lead to serious consequences within the physical world.

As an unprecedented matter, driven by its own rules and characteristics, the cyberspace’s exact consistency had been largely unknown until now.

Cyobs enables it to be seen for the first time.

How it works

Cyobs works in 4 repeatable steps. Understand your cyberspace by analysing it, then identify its vulnerabilities, reinforce it by creating tasks out of the findings and monitor the changes.

1 - Analyse

Understand your cyberspace

  • Explore your cyberspace (search, filter, group, ....)
  • Display raw data to understand exactly what has been scanned
  • Correlate historical data to show trends and evolution over time
  • Configure your scanners and probes (scope, speed, scheduling, ...)
  • Visualise the full dependency chain

2 - Identify

Spot weaknesses, anomalies and vulnerabilities

  • Risk inventory: priorisation of vulnerabilities and critical infrastructures
  • Automatic matching process between multiple vulnerability databases
  • Launch scans to verify vulnerabilies
  • User groups and permissions to control access to manual scans
  • Alert system to highlight new vulnerabilities, weaknesses and spikes

3 - Reinforce

Detailed reports and task lists enable efficient problem fixing

  • Export data as CSV, XLS or JSON
  • Create and share task lists
  • Annotate data based on the findings of your security team
  • Monitor access through the integrated audit trail

4 - Monitor

Track the success of the undertaken measures

  • Export and share custom dashboards
  • Save and share queries to allow effiient problem solving and tracking
  • Export management reports
  • view your team's ongoing tasks

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